The Leader in Cloud-based Book Scanning

ScannX® is at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing the way libraries
and institutions scan documents and books with cutting-edge overhead, book and
document scanning solutions. Our book scanning solutions not only provide an
unparalleled combination of robust features and simplicity, but they also serve
as the ultimate replacement for traditional copiers. By instantly storing
scanned content in a vast array of digital formats, ScannX significantly
reduces operating costs, while granting immediate access to valuable printed

ScannX book scanners open up endless possibilities for libraries to enhance
their services and offer both their staff and patrons an even more enriching
experience. With ScannX, libraries can effortlessly extend their range of
services, allowing staff to save time digitizing course reserves and completing
interlibrary loan requests, and Archivists can capture and store picture
perfect images. Libraries can offer more services and options to their patrons
with an easy-to-use, hands off patron book scanning solution. Gone are the days
of waiting in line for a physical copy or dealing with outdated equipment. Our
cloud-enhanced book scanning solutions empower libraries to seamlessly provide
patrons and staff with a convenient and efficient way to scan, save, and access

ScannX® cutting-edge book and document scanning systems utilize innovative IoT
technology and cloud-based support, revolutionizing the way you scan, store,
and send digitized content. With seamless integration to popular platforms like
Dropbox, Google Drive, email, smartphones, tablets, USB drives, and printers,
the possibilities are endless. Additionally, ScannX Cloud Services offer
convenient options such as printing directly from your USB drive, printing from
Google, and even mobile printing as an optional add-on.

Join the digital revolution and let ScannX transform the way your library
operates. Experience the power, simplicity, and cost-saving benefits of our
cutting-edge scanning solutions. With ScannX, your library can become a hub of
knowledge, offering staff and patrons an unparalleled experience in digitizing,
accessing, and preserving printed information.