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The CZUR ET18 Pro Overhead Book Scanner is a new type of advanced and intelligent overhead scanner that makes scanning books and documents as easy as a button click. Using built-in algorithms, the CZUR ET18 Pro easily scans, and process scanned images from material once thought to be otherwise difficult or very time-consuming to digitize. No matter how random, crooked, or curved your document or book is, the scanner’s software will easily correct it by recognizing the page edges to automatically orient and crop the image, and using the built in patented low power laser curve correction, flatten the scanned image, revealing a perfectly flat and straight image. The CZUR ET18 Pro can easily scan a wide and growing range of documents and materials, including books, exam papers, textbooks, contracts, receipts, checks, bills, driver’s licenses, medical records, sketches, blueprints and even art on canvas, without ever augmenting or damaging the original scanned material.

Available for Windows and Mac.

Key Features.

    • Powerful 18MP Sony CMOS Image Sensor
    • Built in 32-bit MIPS CPU for High-Speed Scanning in 1.5 seconds – including dual facing pages, with no pre-scan required
    • Advanced page-flattening algorithms that transform pixels from a 3D, curved surface to a completely flat undistorted image
    • Intelligent Scanner & Image Processing Software with Smart Tilt Correction,  Auto-Cropping,  Auto Page Flattening and Auto Side Combination
    • Batch Editing Functions: Change color mode, Rotate angle, Crop edges, Add watermark, Standardize pages, Rename, Detect blank pages
    • ABBYY FineReader technology for unmatched OCR accuracy, with support for 180+ languages
    • Side LED light to remove glare from glossy material
    • Auto-scan with page-turn detection for high-throughput scanning
    • Digital thumb removal technology (requires use of included finger cots)
    • Visual Presenter captures movements to generate white-board videos and annotation; compatible with Zoom screen sharing
    • Supports both Windows and Mac
    • Includes email support from the U.S. based ScannX team
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