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CZUR M3000 Pro V2 Professional Book Scanner

CZUR M3000 Pro V2 Professional Book Scanner

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The CZUR M3000 Pro V2 Overhead Book Scanner makes book scanning as easy as turning a page. Its patented curve-flattening technology uses tri-laser scanning with advanced contour analysis to render every curved page to that of a perfectly flat book.
It empowers even the most non-technical users to scan open, bound books and receive flawless, flat scans, removing both the burdens and barriers of scanning. Equipped with a powerful 28MP HD camera, the CZUR M3000 Pro V2 delivers the ultimate in image quality and color accuracy. Utilizing CZUR's smart page-turn detection technology, simply turn the pages of the book to automatically scan the next page and easily scan an 80-page bound book in minutes; more than 10 times faster than a traditional scanner. 
The CZUR M3000 Pro V2 book scanner is equipped with a V-Shaped cradle, making it easy to scan whatever you might throw at it, up to A3 format. Integrated side lights redirect reflections away from glossy prints preventing glare and Auto-cropping and smart tilt correction correct documents that are slightly skewed when placed under the camera. Using the provided finger cots, you can even hold down the pages and the CZUR M3000 Pro V2 will automatically remove them from the image. Scan books, magazines, catalogs, blueprints, and more with ease with the CZUR m3000 Pro v2 Overhead Book Scanner.

Available for both Windows and Mac.

Key Features
  • Powerful 28MP CMOS Image Sensor
  • 32-bit MIPS CPU for High-Speed Scanning in 1.2 seconds – including dual facing pages, with no pre-scan required
  • Advanced page-flattening algorithms that transform pixels from a 3D, curved surface to a completely flat undistorted image
  • Intelligent Scanner & Image Processing Software with Smart Tilt Correction, Auto-Cropping, Auto Page Flattening and Auto Side Combination
  • Batch Editing Functions: Change color mode, Rotate angle, Crop edges, Add watermark, Standardize pages, Rename, Detect blank pages
  • ABBYY FineReader technology for unmatched OCR accuracy, with support for 180+ languages
  • V-Shaped Cradle to protect your physical material
  • Side LED light to remove glare from glossy material
  • Auto-scan with page-turn detection for high-throughput scanning
  • Digital thumb removal technology (requires use of included finger cots)
  • Visual Presenter captures movements to generate white-board videos and annotation; compatible with Zoom screen sharing
  • Supports both Windows and Mac
  • Includes email support from the U.S. based ScannX team
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